Newton Centre to the Malls

Scenic walks of less than two miles each lead from Newton Centre through Webster Woods to the malls near the intersection of Route 9 and Hammond Pond Parkway.

The map below shows three different routes.  The blue shading shows the route to The Shops at Chestnut Hill. To get to The Street Chestnut Hill, follow the blue-shaded route to intersection K, and then take the orange-shaded route.  To reach Chestnut Hill Square on the south side of Route 9, follow the green shading.  (Please note that on the ground, the trails are marked with green, red, and blue blazes, as shown by colored dots on the map.)

Walking directions and links to online maps of all three routes appear below.


Walking directions

For all three walks, leave Newton Centre on Langley Road.  Take the first left onto Warren Street and follow it to the end, where it reaches Webster Woods.  When the trail reaches the Green Trail at Intersection D, turn right.  At Intersection B, turn left to continue on the Green Trail.  The three walks diverge at Intersection K.

To The Shops at Chestnut Hill or to Chestnut Hill Square/Wegmans

At Intersection K, turn right onto the trail marked “To Red Trail”.  Follow it to Intersection AE, where it meets the Red Trail.  Continue straight on the Red Trail past Bare Pond.  Follow the Red Trail past Intersection 10 to Intersection 6.  Turn left, and continue on the Red Trail to Intersection 5.  Turn right and walk up the stairs to the DCR parking lot next to the mall. Walk toward the mall, keeping the parking garage on your left.  At the end of the parking garage, these two paths diverge:

The entrance to the Shops at Chestnut Hill is in the building on your left.

If you’re going to Chestnut Hill Square and Wegmans, turn right where the driveway heads towards Route 9, and walk on the sidewalk until you reach Route 9.  Cross at the pedestrian signal, and enter the parking lot.


To The Street Chestnut Hill

Follow the directions above from Newton Centre to Intersection K.  At that intersection, turn left into the woods and continue to follow the Green Trail.  The Green Trail meets the Blue Trail at Intersection O.  Turn right, and then turn left at Intersection P to stay on the Blue Trail.  Follow it until it meets Hammond Pond Parkway just after Intersection S.

DCR’s reconstruction of Hammond Pond Parkway, which began in 2023, will include the installation of a pedestrian-activated crossing signal at this spot.  Until it’s in place, be careful crossing the road.  The Blue Trail turns right at this point, but don’t follow it.  Instead, continue straight into the woods at the other side.  Turn right at Intersection Z.  Rejoin a different segment of the Blue Trail at Intersection Y.  Bear right to follow the Blue Trail through Intersections Y, W, X, 2, and 1.  Leave the woods at the parking lot next to Hammond Pond.  The mall is just ahead.


Online maps

To The Shops at Chestnut Hill

To Chestnut Hill Square and Wegmans

To The Street Chestnut Hill


Before the malls

1917 Bromley Atlas of Newton