City Council Gives Preliminary Approval to Webster Woods Preservation

On Monday, Nov. 25th, the City Council voted by an overwhelming margin to give preliminary approval to the Community Preservation Committee’s funding recommendation for Webster Woods.

The proposal was divided into seven separate motions, each one covering a particular element of the proposal, such as the authorization of the eminent domain taking, the authorization of the bond issue, and the authorization of payment of legal expenses.  Three motions were approved unanimously, by votes of 22 to 0.  Each of the other motions was approved with 21 Yes votes and one abstention.  Two councilors were absent.

Editor’s note: The proposal received final approval on Monday, December 2nd.

Watch a video of the meeting

Supporters and opponents of saving the woods were out in force at the meeting.  Photo by CPC Chair Mark Armstrong.

An unofficial vote tally.  An “A” means a vote of “Aye”.  No councilor voted “Nay” on any of the measures.