Winged Euonymus (“Burning Bush”)


Shrub growing large, with opposite leaves and tiny flowers and berries. Most easily identified by its ridged branches and stems, resembling “wings”.  Turns bright red in fall if growing in sun.


Birds love the tiny berries and disperse them everywhere; the understory of Cold Spring Park, made up of Glossy buckthorn in the lower wet areas, is winged euonymus in the drier upland areas.  These are escapees from the neighboring residential landscapes, where it seems every yard has one or more (homeowners may not notice the tiny berries, or may just think it is so nice that the birds enjoy their shrub).  They grow very large and shade and crowd out native species.


Hand pull or dig seedling and shrubs out; use a weed wrench ® to get out larger ones.

Links and Resources

For more information on how to identify and control Winged Euonymus, please refer to the resources below:

  1. Ecological Landscaping Alliance for identification and control
  2. Mass Audubon for identification
  3. PennState Extension for identification and control