Millennium Park


You can enjoy Millennium Park on its own, or as part of a trail network leading (with a few gaps) all the way to Nahanton Park in Newton.

180-degree panoramic view towards Newton from the top of the hill

The park used to be a landfill hill. Today it consists of six miles of handicapped-accessible walking trails, playing fields, a canoe launch on the Charles, a nature trail, and wonderful views of the Blue Hills, Newton’s hills, and downtown Boston.

A bridge across Saw Mill Brook connects this park with the trails that run through Brook Farm and connect to Helen Heyn Riverway and on to Nahanton Park. You can also paddle between the canoe docks in Nahanton Park and Millennium Park.

The gate on Gardner Street that provides vehicular access to the park is locked each day at 8:30PM.

Wheelchair iconThe trail system is wheelchair-accessible.


Size: 100 acres    Longest Walk: 1.5 miles    Acquired: 1999



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Located in the West Roxbury neighborhood of Boston

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Connects to: Brook Farm Historic Site

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Site of the Gardner Street Landfill. Dirt excavated from the Big Dig was used to cover over the top. In 2000 it opened as a park and recreation center.


Accessible Trails, Biking, Birding, Boat Launch, Charles River Walk, Cross Country Skiing, Meadow, Picnic Tables, Playground, Scenic View, Sports Fields, Toilet Facilities, Woods Trail

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