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  Charles River Path - Quinobequin Road 



LOCATION: Between Newton Upper Falls and Newton Lower Falls

Location and driving directions on Google Maps to:

Larkspur Road @ Quinobequin Road  

Other maps and aerial photos:      Bing    Newton Assessor

Connects to:  Aqueducts   Hemlock Gorge

SIZE: 1.5 miles of shoreline

LONGEST WALK: 3 miles round trip (a long walk that includes this park)




Wooded trail along Charles River shoreline. Signs of beaver activity. Trail crosses several small streams via bridges and logs. Trail may be impassible in summer due to poison ivy.


1892 Legislature creates Metropolitan Park Commission, a predecessor to DCR
1895 Commission acquires Hemlock Gorge as one of its first reservations

Prior to 1917

Commission acquires land along the Charles between Hemlock Gorge and Newton Lower Falls (view 1917 map)


Friends of the Quinobequin
A website about this trail created by Melissa Moody
2011 reports on trail changes
Newton Conservation Commission mars Quinobequin Road riverside trails (6/23)
Residents upset over new walking trail in Waban (6/28)
Wetlands protection and the Quinobequin Road walking trail (6/29)

DCR plans for the trail (2011; report is erroneously dated 2001)


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