Cold Spring Park Landfill Cleanup

Decades ago, part of what is now Cold Spring Park was used as a trash dump. For years, large pieces of metal debris littered the edge of a small, seasonal wetland area in the park.

On the NewtonSERVES Day of Community Service on May 15, 2011, the Conservators sponsored a project to remove most of this debris.

Twenty volunteers, including many members of Boy Scout Troop 205/242, spent most of a rainy Sunday afternoon digging, bagging, and lifting debris, and hauled off an amazing amount. A few big pieces just couldn’t be budged, but the pond has never looked better.

The Conservators would like to thank all of the volunteers, and especially crew leaders Andrew Hutner (a member of Troop 205/242) and Shawn Konary, for their work to improve this park.

Cleanup photos by Robert Hutner