About the Conservators

Cancelled Events!

Conservators Events Cancelled

Newton Conservators has cancelled our Spring Walk Program as well as postponed the Annual Dinner, in response to the threat of the COVID-19 virus and out of concern for the health of our members.

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Help Us Protect Newton’s Open Spaces

The Conservators relies on volunteers to do all our work to protect, enhance, and expand Newton’s parks and conservation areas.  We need your help!
We are now looking for one or more people to take over the management of this website.

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The Next Fifty Years

The Newton Conservators turn fifty in 2011. Like all baby boomers, we seek at midlife a reinvigorated, practical and realistic sense of how we can best use the years of accumulated wisdom,

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Ordway Park Dedication

Remarks by H. Russell Perry
While there are numerous motivations which energize conservationists, I like to think that many are motivated strongly by a love for the object of their conservation effort,

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