Riverside Trails Walk with Historic Newton

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Explore sites of canoeing activity from the early 20th century and the proposed new Riverside Trail System by following some old pathways from the Lasell Boathouse to the former MDC Police Station on Commonwealth Avenue (where we will look inside). For those interested, after returning to the Lasell Boathouse, the walk will continue south to Riverside Station and across I-95 to the Leo J. Martin Golf Course. This second portion of the walk lasts approximately one hour and has more challenging terrain.

Walk is cosponsored by Historic Newton and the Newton Conservators.  Learn more on the Historic Newton website.  Walks sometimes fill up; pre-register here.

More information:

Historic Newton:  617-796-1450

Walk leader Larry Smith: Larry@paddleboston.com

The Boathouse Bridge is now closed pending its reconstruction.

Lasell Boathouse

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