Levingston Cove Reconstruction

Levingston Cove is a portion of the Crystal Lake shoreline to the west of the bathhouse. It includes benches, a platform used for fishing, and an unofficial swimming area.

In October 2021, the City Council authorized spending $1.4 million in Community Preservation Act funds for the “Levingston Cove Improvements Project.” The project’s goals are to “correct erosion damage, install new features to better deal with runoff, and construct new accessible walkways.”  (In February 2021, the Newton Conservators Board of Directors had urged the City Council to approve the project.)

June 2022 plan for reconstruction of Levingston Cove

As of October 2022, the city has obtained all needed state permits for the project.  Construction is expected to begin during 2022.

For more information visit this page:  https://www.newtonma.gov/government/parks-recreation-culture/parks-open-space  Then scroll down the page and click on the Louise Levingston Cove item: 


Photos of Levingston Cove prior to reconstruction