Charles River Path – Quinobequin Road


Wooded trail along Charles River shoreline. Signs of beaver activity. Trail crosses several small streams via bridges and logs. Southern end of trail may be impassible in summer due to poison ivy.


Size: 1.5 miles of shoreline    Longest Walk: 3 mile round trip    

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A Loop Along the Aqueducts



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before the arrival of Europeans

Native Americans named the river Quinobequin, which means “meandering.” 1614 The British explorer, Sir John Smith, mapped the river, and later presented the map to King Charles I, who renamed it after himself.


Metropolitan Park Commission, a predecessor to DCR, acquires Hemlock Gorge as one of its first reservations

Prior to 1917

Commission acquires land along the Charles between Hemlock Gorge and Newton Lower Falls (view 1917 map)


Birding, Charles River Walk, MBTA Green Line, Scenic View, Woods Trail

Additional Information

Newton Assessor’s Map ID: 55055 0001 and other parcels

A website about this trail created by Melissa Moody 2011 reports on trail changes:

DCR plans for the trail (2011; report is erroneously dated 2001) More about the Blue Heron Trail


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