Kennard Park and Conservation Area

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This is a post-agricultural forest grown up on 19th century farmland. The mixed and conifer woodlands reveal colonial stone walls, a red maple swamp with century-old trees, and a Sensitive Fern marsh.

The park has a wooded hillside with puddingstone and Brighton Volcanic outcrops. Pigeon Hill is a woodland with a circular stone wall. The conservation area protects the South Meadow watershed. The house is the headquarters of the Newton Parks and Recreation Department, and is not open to the public.

Size: Park: 16 acres; Conservation area: 32.2 acres

Longest Walk: 1.7 miles, on loop including Lost Pond

Longer Walks that include this property:
From the Charles River to Newton Centre

Acquired: Park: 1982; Conservation area: 1978

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Dr. Harrison Kennard bought the land. Previous owner used to shoot passenger pigeons on Pigeon Hill and sell them at Faneuil Hall.


City acquired 32.2 acres from the Kennard family.


More land and the house were willed to the city by Dr. Kennard for Kennard Park.


The Kennard Park Sculpture Trail was open from Sep 1 to Nov 11

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