Lost Pond Sanctuary and Skyline Park


The property adjoins Kennard Park and Conservation Area and a portion of Hammond Pond Reservation, forming 140 acres of protected trails and wildlife. Skyline Park has over 15 acres of sport fields, playgrounds, and trails.

Quaking bog — Lost Pond is a kettle hole that has developed into a quaking bog on its northern edge, an unusual type of wetland in which peat forms a floating mat over the water.


Size: 58 acres    Longest Walk: 1.7 miles, on loop that includes Kennard Park    Acquired: 1918 and 1982

Longer Walks that include this property:
Charles River to Newton Centre



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Located in Brookline

Get here by MBTA: a 1.0 mile walk from Chestnut Hill Station, Green Line

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Connects to: Kennard Park

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Land was owned by George Griggs, Mary Clark, and heirs of Charles Heath.


The reservation parcel was bought by two citizens and donated to the state.


Town of Brookline acquired the land and drained the site for an incinerator.


Incinerator begins operation.  Incinerator ash and other debris is landfilled on the site.


Landfill operations ceased. Land used as a transfer station for town trash.


Conservation area transferred to Conservation Commission.


Adjacent Brookline landfill was capped to become Skyline Park


Birding, Cross Country Skiing, Geologic Features, Picnic Tables, Playground, Pond, Sports Fields, Vernal Pool, Woods Trail

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Newton Assessor’s Map ID: not in Newton

Advocates & Caretakers:

Friends of Lost Pond c/o Brookline Conservation Commission 617-730-2088

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