Website Design History

The Conservators website has had several different looks over the years.

The earliest home page image we can find dates to 2001. Mike Clarke was the website manager.

The first Conservators logo was created by Jean Husher in the early 1960s. Jean was involved with the Conservators for decades, serving as President, board member, and advisor.  She was Environmentalist of the Year in 1996.  In her professional life, she worked as a draftsman, an engineering aide, and an illustrator. In 2000, as chairwoman of the Newton2000 History Committee, she wrote this article about the history of land conservation in the 20th century.  She passed away in 2018 at the age of 93.


The logo appeared on a new website design created by Dan Brody in 2003, using Dreamweaver software.

Pat Robinson designed a new logo in 2008.

Cosmetic changes to the website were made in 2009…

… and in 2012

In 2018, we began working with Scott Lewis of to redesign the site and to migrate it to WordPress. The new design, which permits easy use of the website on smartphones and tablets, went live in 2019.