New Pedestrian Bridges and Trails in Riverside Park

Riverside Park is a small DCR property located mostly in Weston, between the Riverside MBTA station and the Martin Golf Course. For many years, the two pedestrian bridges that crossed the Charles from the park into Newton were closed due to their unsafe condition.

DCR received funding from the state’s Accelerated Bridge Program to replace the two decaying bridges. The new upstream bridge, called the Pony Truss Bridge, opened in 2013. The downstream bridge is scheduled for reconstruction in 2019.

These bridges could be links in the proposed Riverside Greenway, a network of hiking trails connecting Auburndale, the Riverside development, and Newton Lower Falls. An article on Village 14 discusses this idea. The route is also a link in a proposed Boston Greenbelt Trail. This map shows existing and proposed trails in the area.

The new upstream bridge is a link in a three to four-mile loop trail around Riverside Park and the Leo J. Martin Golf course. A winter route walks on the golf course in some places. An all-year route avoids the golf course.