Riverside Greenway (Proposed)

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The Greenway is adjacent to the Riverside terminal of the Green Line, but a chain link fence now prevents direct access. Plans for redevelopment of the station parking lot include providing access to the trail system along the river.

Will connect to:
Leo J. Martin Golf Course and Riverside Park
Auburndale Park once a way is found to get past the MBTA tracks and the Mass Turnpike.


This proposed section of the DCR Blue Heron Trail would run from Lyons Field on Commonwealth Avenue to Concord Street, passing through Riverside Park and the Leo J. Martin Golf Course. Several informal trails already exist along this route. Connections to the trail systems in Weston and Waltham are also being studied.

The Riverside Greenway Working Group is pulling together Newton residents, state agencies, and non-profit groups to develop this trail system. A newsletter article described the progress as of the fall of 2017.

Longest Walk: 1.2 miles

Longer Walks that include this property:
Riverside Walk All Year
Riverside Walk Winter Loop

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An old railroad bridge was rebuilt as the Lower Falls Pedestrian bridge, and connecting trails constructed, creating a trail from Washington Street in Newton Lower Falls north to Concord Street.  A trail was built on the Wellesley side of the Charles River extending to the edge of the Leo J. Martin Golf Course. The proposed Riverside Greenway is expected to connect to both of these trailheads.


The “Pony Truss Bridge,” an old pedestrian bridge across the Charles, was rebuilt.


Riverside Greenway Working Group formed to create trail connections in this area.


A proposal for Newton Community Preservation Committee funding of the design is pending.

Planned reconstruction of another pedestrian bridge, adjacent to the Community Rowing Stoller Boathouse.

Riverside Greenway (Proposed) Map



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The Community Rowing Stoller Boathouse is adjacent to the pedestrian bridge planned for reconstruction in 2019.

Lower Falls Pedestrian Bridge completed in 2012

Proposed redevelopment of the MBTA Riverside Station area