The Charles River in South Newton: Helen Heyn to Millennium

This walk on the Helen Heyn Riverway and through Brook Farm to Millennium Park is about 3 miles round trip. Adding a loop around Millennium Park brings to total route to 4 miles.

Map of the route

An 6.5-mile walk from the Charles River to Newton Center also begins at this location.

Printable Helen Heyn Riverway Map

Editor’s Note: The Blue Heron Trail along this stretch of the Charles River is in two sections. Unfortunately, the only connection between them now requires navigating several large parking lots along Wells Avenue, as shown on the DCR map of the area. This walk covers only the southern section.

The Conservators supports action by the City of Newton and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to close this gap, permitting a continuous walk through parkland from Nahanton Park to Millennium Park. Learn more about possible improvements to the Blue Heron Trail.