Using QR Codes

QR (or Quick Response) codes are symbols designed to take a smartphone user to a page on a website.  The user scans the code using a phone camera, and then taps a button on the phone screen to open the web page.

The purpose of the QR code is to let a smartphone user quickly open a web page without having to type in a long address.  (Background info from Wikipedia.)

How to scan a QR code

We use QR codes in a number of ways:

  • On property pages on this website, such as this one, a QR code takes the user to a streamlined “landing page” for the property.  For example, the code shown above goes to the landing page for the Frank Barney and Martin Conservation Areas.

    The landing pages are designed to be viewed on a smartphone.  They have a link to an interactive map of Newton with a blue dot showing the user’s location.  They also have links to information about the property on our website, and on the website of whatever government unit owns the property.


  • The 2024 edition of our printed guidebook, the Newton Conservators Open Space Guide, will have a link to the landing page for each property.