Charles River Path – Galen Street


The Riverwalk features vestiges of one of the oldest dams on the Charles River, with remains of raceways built by David Bemis in 1778, and scenic views of the Charles River. The path from Galen Street in Watertown Square, improved by the MDC in 1998, offers scenic overlooks, a fish ladder at Watertown Dam, falls, fishing areas, and boat launches.

Forte Park, formerly Allison Park, features a soccer field, basketball courts, children’s playground, and restrooms. On summer evenings, herons roost on the Charles River bank next to the park.


Size: About 1 mile long    Longest Walk: 2 mile loop    Acquired: 1960



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Connects to: Charles River Path: Bridge Street to Moody Street

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Charles River Path Galen to Bridge Street
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The first dam on the Charles was built in Watertown.


David Bemis bought 37 acres surrounding the river.


Bemis Mill and Millrace built.


Raceway built by David Bemis on 1/2 acre.


Rolling stone dam built


Breached rolling stone dam built to power textile mills owned by the Bemis family on both sides of the river.


Aetna Textile Mill Building constructed.


Dam breached.


MDC was persuaded not to rebuild dam and to leave the breach as a passage for anadromous fish to lay eggs upstream, the fry returning to the ocean.


Riverwalk built from Galen Street to Bridge Street.


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Forte Park is a small city park on this route.


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