DCR Proposal for Trail in Lower Falls

On September 22, 2020, Massachusetts DCR officials presented the results of a preliminary study entitled Lower Falls Shared-Use Trail Feasibility Study.  View the meeting presentation.

The proposed trail would start at the “Two Bridges” over I-95, at the southern end of the Pony Truss Trail.  It would pass near (or perhaps through) the Martin Golf Course, over the “Trestle Bridge”, run along Washington Street in Newton Lower Falls, over the Fyffe Footbridge, and end on Quinobequin Road, where a separate trail project is also being planned that would upgrade the existing informal trail system that leads to Hemlock Gorge and Echo Bridge.

The trail is a critical link in the proposed Riverside Greenway system.

On October 28th, the Newton Conservators Board of Directors approved a motion urging DCR to consider an alternate route for the southern section of the trail system.


The northern section of the proposed trail