Properties not included in the printed Open Space Guide

Newton has more than a hundred parks, conservation areas, and privately owned open spaces.  The 2024 edition of the Newton Conservators Open Space Guide has maps and detailed descriptions of 28 of these areas.  Each of these 28 sites has a page on this website.  A locator map and listing of these pages can be found on our Newton Open Space Map and Index page.

In addition, this website has individual pages describing many other properties.  Some of these pages have links to maps.  Here’s a list:

The following sites are now included in the website page for the Blue Heron Trail:

Charles River Path – Watertown Square to Bridge Street

Charles River Path – Bridge Street to Moody Street

Riverside Greenway

Mary Hunnewell Fyffe Footbridge

Charles River Path – Quinobequin Road

Upper Falls Riverwalk Conservation Area

Helen Heyn Riverway Conservation Area

The listing above is in order going upstream along the Charles from Watertown Square.


Other sites:

Oak Hill Pathway

Properties owned by Newton Conservators

Awtrey Dell

Dexter Woods

Properties with conservation restrictions held by Newton Conservators

Newton Community Farm

Wilson Conservation Lands