Delightful Surprises in Newton’s Natural Areas

Where can you …

Walk across the Charles River on a delicate suspension bridge? 4

Stroll among 26 species of unusual trees, all labeled? 12

Climb up a drumlin for splendid views of the Blue Hills? 27

Spot the old pasture trees among younger trees in a rejuvenated forest? 24

Walk for miles along marshland and river? 31

Find the ruins of a 19th century amusement park? 1

Crawl into fissure caves? 18

Grow vegetables in a plot in the community garden? 30

Stand at a riverbank where Native Americans fished? 21

Feast your eyes on a rhododendron bank in full bloom? 16, 19, 24

Catch sight of muskrats? 5

Take in the 360-degree view of a cat-tail marsh in the wilds? 31

Canoe to an island for a picnic lunch? 1, 2, 30

Step on top of a quaking bog? 25

Cross-country ski from Newton Center to the Charles River? 17

Rest by a babbling brook? 26

Cross a footbridge over the roaring waters at an historic mill dam? 22

Join a handicapped friend for a walk on level trails in the woods? 2, 5, 19, 30

Explore a restored Victorian garden in the woods? 19

Watch rock climbers rapelling down a sheer outcrop? 18

Spot uncommon birds? 2, 5, 14, 19, 30, 31

Walk around an historic reservoir and visit a museum about 19th-century civic engineering? 9