Red-breasted Nuthatch


January A winter visitor in our area, less common and smaller than the white-breasted nuthatch. It prefers coniferous woods but comes to feeders occasionally. It moves headfirst down tree trunks,

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Owls in Newton

Are there any owls in Newton ? Yes, there are at least two species regularly residing in the city, but as nocturnal creatures, they are more often heard than seen.

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Eastern Screech-owl, grey phase

EASTERN SCREECH OWL, Megascops asio (or Otus asio)

October The Eastern Screech Owl is a year-round inhabitant of Newton. It comes in two colors, red or gray. You’ll rarely see it during daylight hours unless you’re lucky enough

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Common Nighthawk

COMMON NIGHTHAWK, Chordeiles minor

August In past years one could often see and hear the common nighthawk as it circled in the glow of streetlights, picking off moths and other insects attracted by the

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American Woodcock


March The American Woodcock is most noticeable during its remarkable mating display, beginning in March as snow clears from overgrown fields. Check the meadows in Nahanton Park. At dusk, the

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White-winged Crossbill


December The White-winged Crossbill is an occasional winter visitor to the Newton area. It uses its crossed mandibles to pry open cones of spruce and hemlock, extracting seeds with its

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Male Ruddy Duck

RUDDY DUCK, Oxyura jamaicensis

November Late fall is the best time to see this lively little freshwater duck. Along with other waterfowl, it migrates south through our region in November. It is most often

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Cedar Waxwing

CEDAR WAXWING, Bombycilla cedrorum

September The Cedar Waxwing is a year-round bird in Massachusetts, often seen in September feeding on fruit left hanging on bare trees. It travels in flocks, moving from tree to

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GREEN HERON, Butorides virescens

June A Green Heron is a slender, long-legged bird found standing upright at the water’s edge in ponds in the Newton Cemetery or at Dolan Pond. It may be partly

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Cedar Waxwings

These svelte and lovely, quiet birds can be seen during most of the year in Newton. During the winter they associate in loose flocks and dine on ripe fruits, including

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The Birds at My Feeder

Pete Gilmore It’s the time of year to get your bird feeders active again. The birds are coming under survival pressure as food gets harder to find. It helps to

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Christmas Bird Count 2006

The 107th annual Christmas Bird Count sponsored by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology was held on December 17th. The Christmas Bird Count is a long-standing

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